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Is a new associate thrown into a “sink or swim” environment?

Our lawyers learn by doing, but obviously they aren’t thrown in the waters without a life preserver. Bradley & Riley provides new associates with one or more seasoned mentors to ease the transition into the practice of law in a firm. The mentors help the new associate navigate the firm’s daily processes and protocols and monitors the amount and variety of work they receive.

What type of experience can an associate expect?

Because our firm provides a range of services, new associates have exciting alternatives and opportunities available to them. To the extent possible, associates are assigned to cases or projects at their inception and work on them with a lead attorney until resolved. In addition, associates are given the opportunity to work on different projects with several different attorneys. We believe it is in the best interest of the firm and the associates to provide associates with a broad experience and the flexibility to develop individual practice preferences.

  • “As an associate, there is a lot of contact with clients, which is unique compared to bigger firms but also compared to other local firms. And Bradley & Riley does a great job of being supportive of associates if they want to develop a practice in a particular area.” – Joseph Younker, Associate

What is the expected progress of an associate?

We have established a comprehensive training program for our associates. They are assisted in gaining a broad background of legal experience. Experienced lawyers provide informal comments and constructive criticism on a continual basis so the associates know their rate of progress.

Based on input from mentors and all of the shareholders with whom the associate works, each associate is evaluated formally on at least an annual basis. Although not every associate in every firm becomes a shareholder or partner, it is our hope that all of our associates will mature and develop their legal abilities so they can become shareholders.

Are law students potential candidates for an associate position?

We are always looking for law students with strong academic and extra-curricular credentials to join us. We send representatives to selected law schools for on-campus interviews each year. Obviously, however, it is not possible to conduct interviews at more than a few law schools. Even where we do conduct on-campus meetings it is still not possible to talk to all interested students. Law students interested in our firm are encouraged to contact us.